An issue I need to address

I tend to be a potty mouth. My language has gotten so foul over the past few years. My mother is just as bad. Some people may say “But Renee, it shows that you’re honest about how you feel.” Well, maybe a tiny bit–but only if I’m TRULY FURIOUS at something or if I am having any kind of painful medical procedure done, or if I hurt myself by slamming a finger in the door or a toe against a piece of furniture.

There are studies that say that too much profanity can decrease your creativity because it gives you an easy way out of choosing better words and expression. It is easy to pepper things up with a few F-bombs, but sometimes in some situations choosing less obscene words can have the same effect. This is especially true with humor.

I also probably should clean up my mouth, especially on WordPress because my bestie’s seven-year-old daughter has a blog on here where she writes these awesome sci-fi and fantasy stories. I don’t need to be exposing her to F-bombs.

Can I go a whole month without cuss words? We’ll see. I’ll allow cuss words for physically painful things because those can be difficult to cope with. Science studies say that cussing during painful procedures DOES help with pain management. 😉


Bad drawing days

Don’t you hate it when you have a bad drawing day? I hate when I try and try to draw something, but it just won’t come out right. It especially sucks when I went to the Art Institute of Chicago armed with pencils and drawing pads only to not be able to draw a damned thing.  I did try to push through it, but I found myself getting more frustrated. 

I think I may have wasted my time on some of them. I wound up having to rush through my favorite part of the museum because it was close to closing time. Next time I go there, I will make a B-line to that part of the museum and spend most of my time there.

There is only one sketch that I’m not 100% ashamed of–only about 50%. I drew this while I was waiting for my boyfriend to walk to the art museum from his work.


I think when I finally move to Chicago to be with him, I am going to get memberships to Art Institute and Shedd Aquarium. I know I will go frequently to those two places to draw.