A work in progress

I had a pair of khaki trousers that had stains on them. I dyed them a tangerine orange color along with a faded kurti. 

The kurti was mainly white with black and gold details. It got horribly faded and blah after only one wash! =( I was pretty annoyed at that. I am considering putting it through one more round of Rit Tangerine dye, because the color still looks a little weak.



I discovered that the dye didn’t hide the stains on the back of the khakis, so I decided to paint them with a paisley pattern. It’s both stencil and freehand.


I added some more shapes







Eventually this will be colored in with fabric paint. I used Sharpies to outline everything. I’m not sure what kind of shape I will do surrounding all those paisleys. If you have any suggestion, that would be great.


I think I am addicted to Rit dye.

I’m still not feeling all that great. This flippy floppy weather hasn’t been doing my body any favors. I think I should apply for a job at The Weather Channel as a back up to the Doppler. Ugh.

I was able to do some studying. I think I wasted time using Anki to make flash cards. All it did was frustrate me with having to sync everything up on my phone and tablet. It also added more screen time to aggravate my eyes. Maybe I’ll just stick with regular flash cards and skip the high tech. 

I tie dyed this shirt last night.



I have two more pieces of clothing in the ol’ bucket of dye. We’ll see how these turn out tomorrow.



Isnik jeans study

I believe that I had past lives in the Ottoman times and in the Balkan peninsula. There are just way too many weird coincidences and dreams. I will go into that in a blog later.

Since I am dealing with some insomnia, I decided to do a study on Isnik for my Isnik jeans project. I used stencils for this study. I don’t know how the designs are going to play out with fabric paint on denim. Paint tends to bleed out on fabric. Isnik tends to be pretty intricate, so I don’t know how I am going to get that kind of detail on a medium that tends to bleed out and get fuzzy. I may have to do it all freehand, but I will probably do the freehand study tomorrow. Or I can do a mixture of stencil and freehand. I’ll have to do a study to see how that works out. 


Any way, I’ve always loved Isnik art. It’s an old Ottoman Turkish art form usually painted on tiles and pottery.



This Isnik that I found online is inked and waiting to be colored in. I used it as a bit of a guide.


I bought a stencil pack a year or so ago. I use them for crafty things. I used these for my Isnik study.


This is what I came up with using stencils:







For you creative people with chronic pain crap

It isn’t easy living with chronic pain crap. The weather here is pretty stormy, so just about everything is flaring up and annoying me.  I decided that I needed to show some of my creations with a person wearing it.  Forgive my frazzled appearance. My fibromyalgia and Meniere’s have been in flare up all damned day. Oh well. We’re supposed to accept our bodies whatever they manage to put us through, eh?

So I am going to be brave and post these. Once upon a time, I would never leave the house without make up, without my hair perfect and I had to be dressed perfect. I would even dress up all perfect to go to the damned grocery store. 

Oh well. Usually I look better, but this is my sick look.


This is the first tie-dye job I did. The blouse had some kind of stain on it, so I figured it would make a perfect candidate.




This was once my grandmother’s shawl that she crocheted herself. It was a dingy white due to years of neglect. I decided to dye it blue. The shirt that I am wearing is the second tie dye job that I did. That one had a mustard stain on it. Ooops.


This dress was an ivory white. It had a stain on the hem. I used Rit dye navy blue. I wish I can figure out a way to do a full length selfie, but I really didn’t feel like mucking about with the digital camera. Maybe when I feel better, I’ll play more with the angles. 


This was my FAVORITE white shirt. I was so pissed at myself for spilling coffee on it. I like it much better with the Rit navy blue.


My studio is in a mostly unfinished attic. There are no real fancy thrills up here. Most of the stuff that nobody wants around the rest of the house ends up here. When my mother and I feel better, we’ll tackle the clutter. I live with her because I am a high fall risk due to the Meniere’s Syndrome. 



Not bad for the first time doing tie-dye

The ReFashionista dyes a lot of her finds. Sometimes she will just throw random colors together. They always end up really pretty. 

Since I had a decent fibro day today,  I dyed a few things.

I dyed a white dress and a white shirt that had stains.




I also tied dyed another stained white dress,


white cut off denim shorts,




and another white stained top.







I am a clod. I was not meant to own any white clothes. I spill things on them too often.

I actually wore gloves this time. These gloves came with the tie dye kit. They weren’t very good. I got small tears in them and the dye leaked through that. I also managed to splash myself with dye, so my legs have that tie dye look as well. I guess I’m one of those messy artists.

One of these days I am going to get a full length mirror so that I can wear these clothes instead of taking photos of them on hangers, but that’s another day. 

I have some more mostly white dresses that got a bit dingy, so I am going to dye them as well. I saw Jillian (Refashionista) dye things like this and she made them look great. I may do those tomorrow depending on how I feel. I can’t overdo it because of fibro and lupus. 




Finally did something creative


I spent the last two hours getting busy with the stencils and fabric paint. I got the jeans from the thrift shop where I volunteer and had some fabric paints sitting around. Excuse the mess in the attic/studio space.

I have been busting my butt studying for my Medical Assistant/medical biling-coding online class. I am doing well in all the assignments and quizzes, but it is a lot to absorb! I wish I can grasp it quicker so that I can get a better and more steady job and move to Chicago to be with my Sweetie. 

I have been obsessed with the Refashionista blog. I LOVE it! I already have some project ideas. I just need to figure out how to fit it between studying, working at Red Cross and in the future the VA as well. I have a whole drawer full of project stuff to sew, paint, dye, etc.


Sew Fun!

I have become obsessed with a blog called ReFashionista. The blogger finds all kinds of clothes at thrift stores and radically alters them to completely brand new outfits.

My mother and I volunteer at The Bargain Basement in Warren, Indiana. I have bought TONS of clothes and accessories from there. I alter them to my liking, but nowhere near the amazing level that Jillian Owens. I’m not as advanced in sewing as she is. My mother is. She is a brilliant seamstress.

My mother is the type of seamstress where she can study a garment for a few minutes, store the info in her head, and then go home and make the outfit.

One day, back in high school, my mother and I wandered around Saks Fifth Avenue at Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook, IL. She pulled garments off the racks and studied them closely. She turned them inside out, carefully examining every seam and every stitch. One astute sales woman approached us and threw us out! I felt so badass for being thrown out of a Saks! My mom was DIY punk before that concept ever was mainstream. 

I still laugh at that memory.

Maybe I should toy around with alterations and post the results on this blog as well.