I need a crash course in time managment

After pulling teeth with Vocational Rehab, I finally am registered and beginning my class in Medical coding and billing. It was a royal pain in the arse to get that all settled. It would be nice to have a well paying job so that I can indulge more in my art stuff. Art supplies sure aren’t cheap, especially when I get into oils.

I haven’t done hardly any drawing or painting. =( I do need to get this class finished so that I can start looking for work and relocating to Chicago area to be with my boyfriend. I hate being apart from him. I love him more than I’ve ever loved ANYONE. He is so supportive of any goals that I come up with.

I bought a time management/organization book on my Kindle app. So far I really like it. A buddy of mine swears by it. ADHD is a pain in the arse for sure, but if you can work with it and around it, things get easier.

I am a bit overwhelmed by a lot of things lately. I know that that feeling will pass, but it sure does suck being in the thick of it. =(

I have plans in my head on paintings I want to do, but they’re not coming out right. Don’t you hate that?

I also need to work on my creative writing and get that muse back.

I also need to study up on my German, Spanish and French so I can take proficiency exams next year.

=( How do non-ADHD folks do it? How do they do all these things without going batshit crazy?

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