A Trip to the Emergency Room

I was called in to work at Red Cross because somebody called in and said they couldn’t make it. I stopped by the gas station to get a Frapaccino and a donut. I was okay on the drive to Red Cross, but about ten minutes after I sat down and arranged my desk, I had violent, horrid stomach cramps. I could barely sit up straight. I rushed to the bathroom and threw up for about thirty minutes. I ran into a coworker when I was going to go tell my supervisor that I had been throwing up. She told me to go and she will tell my supervisor because she didn’t want a sick person wandering the building.

I went to my car to prepare to go home and another bout of horrid pain hit me. I hobbled back into the building, to the loo and threw up some more and had the awful dry heaves. I exited the building and sat on the bench until I could walk. I debated on whether or not to go to the emergency room. I have ulcerative colitis, so I figured it was probably a flare coming on. However, the pain radiated to the right of my lower abdomen. I figured that I’ll start driving home and see how I feel.

The pain got really bad, so when I passed Lutheran Hospital, I just went ahead and went to the emergency room. I took in a textbook for my Medical Coding and Billing class to pass the time. I was given an IV. 😦 It stung, so I really wasn’t able to concentrate on studying.  

Looking back, I should have taken out one of my Moleskine mini sketchbooks and drawn the catheter in my arm and other stuff around me in the emergency room, but then the medical staff would have thought I was a complete weirdo.

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