Sew Fun!

I have become obsessed with a blog called ReFashionista. The blogger finds all kinds of clothes at thrift stores and radically alters them to completely brand new outfits.

My mother and I volunteer at The Bargain Basement in Warren, Indiana. I have bought TONS of clothes and accessories from there. I alter them to my liking, but nowhere near the amazing level that Jillian Owens. I’m not as advanced in sewing as she is. My mother is. She is a brilliant seamstress.

My mother is the type of seamstress where she can study a garment for a few minutes, store the info in her head, and then go home and make the outfit.

One day, back in high school, my mother and I wandered around Saks Fifth Avenue at Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook, IL. She pulled garments off the racks and studied them closely. She turned them inside out, carefully examining every seam and every stitch. One astute sales woman approached us and threw us out! I felt so badass for being thrown out of a Saks! My mom was DIY punk before that concept ever was mainstream. 

I still laugh at that memory.

Maybe I should toy around with alterations and post the results on this blog as well. 

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