Not bad for the first time doing tie-dye

The ReFashionista dyes a lot of her finds. Sometimes she will just throw random colors together. They always end up really pretty. 

Since I had a decent fibro day today,  I dyed a few things.

I dyed a white dress and a white shirt that had stains.




I also tied dyed another stained white dress,


white cut off denim shorts,




and another white stained top.







I am a clod. I was not meant to own any white clothes. I spill things on them too often.

I actually wore gloves this time. These gloves came with the tie dye kit. They weren’t very good. I got small tears in them and the dye leaked through that. I also managed to splash myself with dye, so my legs have that tie dye look as well. I guess I’m one of those messy artists.

One of these days I am going to get a full length mirror so that I can wear these clothes instead of taking photos of them on hangers, but that’s another day. 

I have some more mostly white dresses that got a bit dingy, so I am going to dye them as well. I saw Jillian (Refashionista) dye things like this and she made them look great. I may do those tomorrow depending on how I feel. I can’t overdo it because of fibro and lupus. 




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