For you creative people with chronic pain crap

It isn’t easy living with chronic pain crap. The weather here is pretty stormy, so just about everything is flaring up and annoying me.  I decided that I needed to show some of my creations with a person wearing it.  Forgive my frazzled appearance. My fibromyalgia and Meniere’s have been in flare up all damned day. Oh well. We’re supposed to accept our bodies whatever they manage to put us through, eh?

So I am going to be brave and post these. Once upon a time, I would never leave the house without make up, without my hair perfect and I had to be dressed perfect. I would even dress up all perfect to go to the damned grocery store. 

Oh well. Usually I look better, but this is my sick look.


This is the first tie-dye job I did. The blouse had some kind of stain on it, so I figured it would make a perfect candidate.




This was once my grandmother’s shawl that she crocheted herself. It was a dingy white due to years of neglect. I decided to dye it blue. The shirt that I am wearing is the second tie dye job that I did. That one had a mustard stain on it. Ooops.


This dress was an ivory white. It had a stain on the hem. I used Rit dye navy blue. I wish I can figure out a way to do a full length selfie, but I really didn’t feel like mucking about with the digital camera. Maybe when I feel better, I’ll play more with the angles. 


This was my FAVORITE white shirt. I was so pissed at myself for spilling coffee on it. I like it much better with the Rit navy blue.


My studio is in a mostly unfinished attic. There are no real fancy thrills up here. Most of the stuff that nobody wants around the rest of the house ends up here. When my mother and I feel better, we’ll tackle the clutter. I live with her because I am a high fall risk due to the Meniere’s Syndrome. 



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