Isnik jeans study

I believe that I had past lives in the Ottoman times and in the Balkan peninsula. There are just way too many weird coincidences and dreams. I will go into that in a blog later.

Since I am dealing with some insomnia, I decided to do a study on Isnik for my Isnik jeans project. I used stencils for this study. I don’t know how the designs are going to play out with fabric paint on denim. Paint tends to bleed out on fabric. Isnik tends to be pretty intricate, so I don’t know how I am going to get that kind of detail on a medium that tends to bleed out and get fuzzy. I may have to do it all freehand, but I will probably do the freehand study tomorrow. Or I can do a mixture of stencil and freehand. I’ll have to do a study to see how that works out. 


Any way, I’ve always loved Isnik art. It’s an old Ottoman Turkish art form usually painted on tiles and pottery.



This Isnik that I found online is inked and waiting to be colored in. I used it as a bit of a guide.


I bought a stencil pack a year or so ago. I use them for crafty things. I used these for my Isnik study.


This is what I came up with using stencils:







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