Fun with Laxatives!

I haven’t really had time to do anything visually creative. I have two volunteer gigs which I HOPE will lead to a better paying job and I am taking my online class in medical administration, billing and coding.  I’m trying to get the class done and take my licensing exam as soon as possible. I’m done with the first module which is medical terminology. I have an A going in that module. 

I’ll share a funny story instead.


A few years ago, when the Fort Wayne Police Department was still on Creighton Avenue, I was taking some pills (Amatiza, a prescription HARD CORE laxative) to the pill disposal box. A shady looking guy approached me and said, “Hey, can I have that?”  

I looked at him with a WTF expression and said, “Dude. They are hard core laxatives. You don’t want them.”

He looked disappointed and left.

I mean how ballsy is that to approach somebody at a pill disposal box AT THE FREAKING POLICE STATION? I almost wished that I would have said: “Yeah, man! These are narcotics way stronger than Oxy! I bet you will have fun with those,” and then imagine him shitting his pants.

I figured that I should probably report what happened, so I flagged down an officer. I told him that if I wouldn’t be busted for illegal drug trading, I would have given them to him and told him that they were hard core narcotics that are stronger than oxy and then have him crap himself.  The cop laughed so hard that he practically choked himself. 

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