Learning to write something new

I have an idea for a sci-fi story brewing through my head. I’ve never written anything even remotely science fiction. I’m not much of a science person anyway. I guess I need to read a lot of science journals.

I wish that I could get rid of this stupid writer’s block. =(


Trying to learn how to paint something new


I never have drawn nor painted any kind of space or planet stuff before. My boyfriend has this HUGE amount of blank space on this wall in his loft condo.  I am thinking of doing an oil or acrylic painting of space stuff.  The painting I just posted of Jupiter is a water color.  I don’t think a water color will be practical for the size I want to make the paintings.

I thought of maybe doing some Star Trek stuff, like painting planets as a background to various space craft. I’m not sure yet. I have to do a lot of studies and sketches before I buy and potentially arse up a large, expensive canvas.

The medical coding/billing/administration certification class has kept me busy.  I am also spending quite a few hours at the VA and Red Cross. Sometimes it is hard to make time to paint or do any kind of art stuff.