Maybe I will get back into Magic the Gathering

I’ve been in and out of MtG about since its beginning. I would get a bunch of cards, play, get tired of it, sell the cards and then want to get back into it, buy cards, get tired of it, sell the cards…you get the picture.  I do regret ever selling the cards. Lord only knows how many I would have.

I bought two card boxes from Books, Comics and Things in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I got bored, so I decided to decorate them.
The first box, I went with a Scottish theme. I had some Scottie dog pattern templates from a stationary set I bought several years ago. I then did a freehand Tartan pattern. I colored the rest of the box blue. I do have badly drawn Scottish flags at the ends, but those will probably be colored in and then redone with an acrylic paint in white over that. All was done with Sharpies.

fone 040

I also did a Lupus butterfly theme. This one isn’t done. I’m not sure what I want to do with the sides yet.

fone 051

I swear, this blog is feast or famine. Either I neglect it for weeks or I gather up all the creative things I’ve done over those weeks or months without posting and then put them all on here.

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