Mercury in Retrograde–finishing up old stuff

Mercury in Retrograde usually kicks my ass. If I’m going to get super sick or flare out badly, this is the time it happens. So far my ulcerative colitis has been acting up pretty badly today. =( I hope that it won’t continue into a long flare.

There were quite a few pastel drawings that I started ages ago, but got frustrated and put them aside. Some have been in unfinished mode for a few years. I decided to finish them up. They’re studies, of course, so I don’t see myself putting any of these in a frame. They’ll just remain in the drawing pad like a diary.

fone 048

You may recognize this pekingese pastel from another post. A friend of mine who is an art professor had suggested I add highlights, so I did.

fone 050

This is a pastel of my Zoe Zlata. It’s not the best artwork I’ve ever done, but at least it’s finished and I can use it to compare progress whenever I draw or paint something else of my dog.

fone 049

I long ago lost the reference photo for this pastel, so I just went ahead and made it cartoony.

I do have a page that has two small flowers for a colored pencil study, but I didn’t really think it was worth taking a photo and posting.  I may go to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne and/or Chicago to fill that page up.

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