The BIG mistake we make with SICK kids

If you or your child are sick, PLEASE stay home. There are people out there who may be immunity challenged due to being on biologics due to autoimmune disorders, anti rejection drugs for organ transplants, HIV patients , elderly and other health compromised people.

Latter-day Jane

Dearest moms, dads, and benevolent guardians:

At some point this season, your children are going to get sick.

The illness du jour will catch you by surprise at the most inconvenient time, and your precious little ones are going to be down for the count for a little while. The onset of the sickies — yes, that’s the technical term — is ground zero for responsible parenting. And that’s where a select few are messing it up for the rest of us.

That’s where the BIG mistake comes in.

The responsible parenting in question can be condensed down to this: if your children are sick, they belong at home where they can rest and recuperate. That’s it. Yes, they may require medical attention, fever-reducers and prescriptions, cool liquids and hot soups, but really, it’s all implied in that one directive: stay home.

That should be the end of…

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