Crafting my way out of a panic attack

Winter months are always difficult for me. I usually feel really bummed out and anxious. I like warm weather and bright skies. I have been in a funk since last night and today it manifested itself into a panic attack.
Since panic attacks make me useless for studying and arsing about on social media sometimes makes them worse, I opened up some of my crafting totes to figure out what I wanted to do.  I’ve never made a wrapped bulb ornament before, so I decided to give that a try.

I had bought a package of Styrofoam balls and two packages of assorted sequins. I also have a ton of extra beads left over from projects that don’t really fit into any jewelry making project.

These are the results:

lalala 001

It took three skeins of craft thread to wrap each one. The blue one was my first attempt.

lalala 002

I had made the rose quartz and bead pendant about eight years ago and decided to add that to the ornament.  I have a bunch of beads from this grab bag of beads I bought from Fire Mountain Gems. I had to use pearled headed pins because the bead holes were too big for the pink beads.

lalala 003

I decided to make this one more Christmasy. I used pearl head pins for more pizzazz and to keep the pin holes from slipping out of the sequins.

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