Art journals, painting, and other stuff

I haven’t really been doing too much when it comes to art. I am TRYING to get this medical coding class over by sometime in April so that I can have it done before I go to Japan with my boyfriend. I thought the ICD-10-CM was hard! CPT and HCPCS is even more confusing. I keep having to reread things and keep having to play the lecture bits over and over.  It is so frustrating. I just want to get this all done so that I’d be ready to get a better paying job!

I did buy another bound sketch journal. Like I needed any more of those! I decided to make that into my paper art therapy journal.


I probably won’t post EVERYTHING I put in there, but I will make myself do at least SOMETHING in it, even if it’s complete shite.  I need to be able to force myself to do at least something. I did have one little tidbit that I thought was not too bad:


I sometimes do collages in this journal when I can’t think of anything else to draw. Sometimes I will come back and draw things around what I’ve cut and pasted. In this case, I had a catalog from Stash Tea. I cut out a bunch of tea cups and pasted them onto the paper. Since the tea cups made me think of British things, I drew a bunch of Doctor Who characters interacting with the tea cups. The figures are quite rough. I kind of liked the Dalek stuck in a tea cup. This is the first time I have ever drawn a Dalek. I need more practice so I can draw better Daleks.

Ugh. I guess I will post the whole page even though I didn’t think it was a strong art journal page over all so you can see what I did with the characters and the tea cups.

heute 059

Figures are definitely not my strength. I need to do a lot more studying with those. Plus I just scribbled out the TARDIS and didn’t really put any time into that.

I found an old jug in the attic.  It was a souvenir from a stupid Sig Ep frat party from 1963. My father was a Sig Ep. Figured he’d be the type to be in a fraternity. Any way. I grabbed some Testors oil based model paints to paint over those stupid pirates on the jug. I should have taken a “before” photo, but didn’t think of it until I finished painting it.


I have taken interest in this bloke named Noah Bradley. He is an artist who teaches on the side. He has all kinds of really interesting tips on how to improve your art no matter what level you are.  One of the things he suggests it practicing art an hour a day for three weeks.  I am sort of doing that with the art journal, but the entries rarely take an hour. When I am done with this code class, I will do proper art study exercises from his blog and Youtube channel.

One thought on “Art journals, painting, and other stuff

  1. Oh I love art journaling. Last year at the eating disorder program, I started one and it was fun working on it, got about 75 pages done. The only thing I found, was when I left the program, I did continue but became lonely somehow working on the pages, with no one around to keep me motivated! Perhaps it’s depression or just feeling isolated?. 😦

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