How to Have A Better Conversation With Someone With Hearing Loss

How to Have A Better Conversation With Someone With Hearing Loss

These are all very true! Especially making sure I can see your lips and making sure to speak clearly. If you don’t do that, then I end up basically hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Living With Hearing Loss

All of us with hearing loss know how hard it can sometimes be to converse comfortably with our friends and family. We get tired, frustrated and sometimes just tune out. But it is hard on those that love us as well. They don’t like to see us struggle or be unhappy; and they can get annoyed that we don’t understand what they are saying. Today’s post is for them. Please share these tips with your friends and family and enjoy better conversations!


The first step in having better conversations is for our friends and family to understand how those of us with hearing loss actually hear. The best way I know to explain it, is as a game board from Wheel of Fortune. Some of the letters are filled in, others are blank. The contestant (or listener in this case) is trying to make sense of…

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Art therapy journal stuff: Breaking out of a panic attack

I have so much on my plate right now. I am trying to finish up this medical coding and billing class before I go to Japan with my boyfriend.  I think I can at least get the classwork done and then take the exam some time after the trip. It’s been a source of many a panic attack. I am also trying to improve my art techniques and figure out what I’m the best at so that I can do some things on the side for extra money. Sometimes all the thoughts and ideas speed toward me as if some smart ass put the tennis ball machine at super speed and I’m trying to swat everything with my tennis racket. And I suck at tennis.

So, I took two of my nail polish Ebru projects:

ebru4    ebru3

I cut up the pink one kind of randomly. I noticed that they looked like creatures, so I pasted the clippings onto the back cover of my art therapy journal:





I also put some stuff on a page inside the journal itself:


Background is colored with oil pastels.



I had absolutely no plans when I went into this. I just wanted to get rid of the panic attack. I just cut following certain grooves and curves I saw in the Erbu.

Inside of back cover:


A dye job and some bead work

I got all my white clothes from the thrift store where my mum and I volunteer. She is the manager. The white clothes would have gone to Salvation Army or the bin, so I decided to take them in and dye them. I may give some of them back as I tire of wearing them.

I found a hippie bell sleeve tunic that had some stains on it.  I dyed it an emerald green. I then got out my beads and sequins and did some sewing.


A little closer detail:


I bought the charm at one of those flea market malls years ago.


Nail Polish Ebru

I saw a few nail polish Ebru (paper marbling) projects on Pinterest and decided to try it out. I had a bunch of cheapo expired nail polish that I was going to toss out any way.






I am not sure what I am going to do with these now. They’re kinda stinky to make into cards. I may use them as backgrounds for something multi-media or maybe I may frame them as is. Any suggestions?

I thought having all the windows open was enough for this project. It wasn’t. It stunk up the WHOLE house and I felt quite ill. Thankfully the fumes are gone. I don’t understand how some people would love to huff chemicals. It made me feel like queasy horse bollocks. Blergh!  If I do this again, I’m going to do this outside!