Oil pastel study

I drew this in my art therapy journal last night.


I should just draw any time that I have problems with anxiety. My art therapy journal isn’t about getting things correct, it’s just to blow off steam. I should start another pad of something for practicing getting things accurate. I still haven’t touched my big pad of news print for drawing exercises because I still need to finish that medical billing and coding class. I have only three chapters left on that bloody thing.

I may wind up going back to school for a BFA in studio arts. I’m not sure when I am going to do this. Is it a “useful” degree? Probably not. I am more wanting to get into a BFA program for self improvement rather than diving into an actual art career. If a nice art career does happen, that would be a bonus.  I will probably start at Harper College and then transfer somewhere else.  While I am at Harper, I may as well take ASL classes as well.  I should learn ASL any way so that I can communicate with more people and because with Menerie’s Disease, I can lose my hearing at any time and perhaps with little to no warning. Perhaps I will have a double associates degree in the fine art and sign language.

Fashion design classes would be great too. I was actually a model for the Harper College fashion students many years ago. It was SO much fun. It was great to model all those wonderful clothes. We would go to country clubs and do catwalk shows.

I spent way too much of my life being paralyzed by fear and doubt. I want the rest of my life to be happier and put all the trauma and bad stuff behind me. I want to be able to do things I’ve always wanted to do, but got talked out of because “It isn’t STEM, so therefore it’s stupid.”

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