Chaos, chaos, and more chaos!

Moving is such a pain in the arse, isn’t it?  I just moved back to my sweet home Chicagoland.  This was not without some pretty crazy bumps and bruises.  My mother wound up with a nasty fever that had her in hospital for four days.  I stayed with her until she started feeling better. I moved half my stuff up and then a week later, I drove back to Indiana to get the rest of my things, get my dog, and check up on my mother.

The room where I will keep my studio is still a mess. The things are in their right area, but not in their proper home yet. There are some  other health things we are dealing with, so that may have to wait.  Nothing serious! Just annoying.

Once I get everything settled, I’ll update this thing again and actually do some art.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some Harry Potter skills and be able to wave a wand and watch everything walk to their places?