Can you hear me now?

I found this article via Facebook. I think that it’s a great article to help understand hearing loss.

I am at about 40dB hearing loss due to the Meniere’s. It fluctuates between about 30dB and 40dB depending on what the fluids in my ears are doing.  Since I am an adult, I’m not quite at the stage for hearing aids, but it’s enough to really annoy me.


Lazyish Sunday

My boyfriend hung up my betta fish shelf for me:


I do need to clean the bathroom. I will do that tomorrow so I can have something to do while my boyfriend is at work. I managed to find three different jobs. All part time. Two of them are art modeling gigs. I applied for quite a few jobs at two of the local hospitals. So we’ll see how that pans out.

My studio space is still pretty unorganized because we’re waiting to find a book case and desk that we like. It’s kind of pointless to put things in a place until I know how the other pieces of furniture will fit.  I also have to bring my drafting table from Indiana. I didn’t bring it because it’s very heavy and both of us are kind of out of service when it comes to lifting things.  I’m not sure when I will bring it, but if I do, it will be when both of us aren’t laid up.

My dog Zoe Zlata is doing pretty well. I think she’s still a little confused because she’s now the only dog. She’s used to having lots of other pets around her. She’s met two doggy friends so far.


I may buy an easel if I see one at the right price. I also need to get a drawing board.

As far as art stuff, I’ve been coloring pictures I’ve printed from online. It’s relaxing and works well with quelling panic attacks.