My poor neglected art therapy journal.

It’s been insanely busy lately.  I had to really buckle down to study for that medical coding exam. It was so difficult. I honestly have no idea if I passed it or not. The challenging thing is that there are so many similar treatment codes (CPT and HCPCS) that it was really hard to choose which one to pick. The scary thing is that you can get in BIG TROUBLE if the auditors think you’re deliberately trying to pull some funny business when that’s not the case.

I have a new found respect for doctors and nursing staff. How the HELL does one remember ALL THOSE AILMENTS and then remember which treatment to use for them? There are thousands! HOW DO THEY DO IT? It’s beyond me!

The hardcore studying really cut into my art time. =( I really hate that. I have to pass the exam if I want to have better job opportunities.

I have a new little buddy who lives on my desk.


His name is Londo.  I named him after Londo Mollari because Betta fish have that kind of Centauri Prime pompousness. If you want to know where I got the Babylon 5 Zen Garden backdrop, I just Googled the image, printed it and taped it to the back of the tank.  I will transfer him to a larger tank when he grows a little more.

I have run into a bit of a creative dry spell. I found two books written by one of my all time favorite comic book artists Jessica Abel. Some of you may know her as “Art Babe.”  I’ve been a fan since I found out about her in the 1990s via Sarah Dyer‘s comic showcase Action Girl.

These are the books:

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: Making Comics: Manga, Graphic Novels, and Beyond  and Mastering Comics: Drawing Words & Writing Pictures Continued 

I am glad that I found these because they’re very informative about how to make comics. I don’t plan on making a living on comics.  That field is SUPER competitive.  They’re just going to be further therapeutic tools for my art journaling.

Some of my friends do this exercise where they draw whilst listening to music.  I have been on a Jamiroquai binge for the past few days.  I want to draw a few comic panels based on their song “Cosmic Girl.”  I drew one manga-ish figure.  Let’s just say that Rome was not built in a day.


Why is it whatever image you have in your head that you want to put on paper NEVER turns out how you really want it? Very frustrating.

But I guess the only way I will get better at any art stuff is to keep doing it, even if I have to force myself.