Long hiatus, hospital hi-jinx.

I have made two trips to the hospital for a colitis flare and c. diff infection. =( It’s been frustrating.  I did do some artwork (mostly fiber art) before this happened and I will post photos of them once I am not totally useless on the couch. I am pretty weak because I’m not absorbing nutrients well.  Hey, that’s one way to lose weight, eh?

I have some dye projects going on. I bought four white cotton skirts from Mexicali Blues. I’ve already dyed them with Rit.  Once I get over this health crap, they will be embroidered and/or appliqued as wearable art skirts.

I also bought two white cotton tunic shirts. They will be dyed as well. Since they already have detail work on them I may just dye them or perhaps I may add beadwork. I’m thinking of replacing the ribbon with something more festive.

I just hope I can function well enough in my classes so that I don’t have to drop them. =( If this current round of antibiotics doesn’t cut it, I will be admitted to the hospital and have hardcore antibiotics dripped into my veins.


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