Art therapy journal stuff: Breaking out of a panic attack

I have so much on my plate right now. I am trying to finish up this medical coding and billing class before I go to Japan with my boyfriend.  I think I can at least get the classwork done and then take the exam some time after the trip. It’s been a source of many a panic attack. I am also trying to improve my art techniques and figure out what I’m the best at so that I can do some things on the side for extra money. Sometimes all the thoughts and ideas speed toward me as if some smart ass put the tennis ball machine at super speed and I’m trying to swat everything with my tennis racket. And I suck at tennis.

So, I took two of my nail polish Ebru projects:

ebru4    ebru3

I cut up the pink one kind of randomly. I noticed that they looked like creatures, so I pasted the clippings onto the back cover of my art therapy journal:





I also put some stuff on a page inside the journal itself:


Background is colored with oil pastels.



I had absolutely no plans when I went into this. I just wanted to get rid of the panic attack. I just cut following certain grooves and curves I saw in the Erbu.

Inside of back cover: