Are art and craft supplies related species to Tribbles?

I have been going through the house getting rid of clutter. I have run into so many art and craft supplies. There are projects that I don’t even remember starting. I asked my mum if any of those were hers and she didn’t remember either! There are all these unfinished projects laying about.

I decided that I should not buy any more art stuff until I’ve used at least 75% of what I already have and finish 90% of the projects that I haven’t finished.

There is still quite a bit of felt to work through. I want to finish all of what I have before I buy more felt. I also need to do something with all the fabric I’ve bought over the years.

I made two kitty felties:


I also made a horse. My hands were hurting so the stitches aren’t the best.


I also managed to paint a watercolor. This took me about a week to do.


I also have been doing some drawing exercises from academic art books to rehabilitate my hand eye coordination. I have a cheapo sketch pad I got from American Science and Surplus in Geneva, IL.┬áMy boyfriend and I went there a few months ago. There’s so many cool things to look at. Since it is mostly science in scope, the art supplies that were there weren’t very good. They were more for kids, but it’s good enough for drawing exercises and studies.

I am still working on that medical coding and billing class. It’s been really slow going, but I will get through it. When I can’t concentrate any more, I make myself do artsy stuff rather than fart about on Facebook.


Feltie funsies

I have been trying my hand at making felt ornaments and magnets. I’ve been having some problems with panic attacks and ruminating on stuff, so I needed to do something that didn’t involve faffing about on Facebook or other online stuff. Well, I’ll muck about on Pinterst because I found a lot of crafty things to do from there.

It’s been a while since I’ve done much sewing. I’m still a little rusty and I’m ironing out the kinks. Eventually I want to work my way back to quilting and garment making.

I made a Groot for my boyfriend out of burlap and felt:


I made a Rocket Racoon as well. It’s a little rough. I printed some patterns from Pinterst for him.


I made another Groot for my bestie.


I made a Tooka doll from this Star Wars Craft Book my boyfriend got me for my birthday.


Sewed a Yoda I did as well!


My boyfriend is obsessed with all things Tiki, so I made him a few Tiki ornaments.


I also made my mom some kitty cat magnets for her kitchen


I didn’t want to add another post, but I forgot to add something: