This should keep me busy

I found this book at Barnes and Noble:

morestuffies 018

This should keep me busy for a twelve or so hour flight, right? I can’t believe how quickly the Japan trip is coming up. I admit that I am pretty nervous. I am excited and happy to be going on this trip with my boyfriend. My biggest fear is getting into something with shellfish and having to bring out the dreaded Epi-pen.

I also bought a smallish Fabriano drawing journal. Yeah, I know I have a lot of damned sketch journals. I didn’t want to bring my therapy journal with me. It is big and bulky and I really don’t want to take a chance on losing it. It also smells of the nail polish ebru, so that may freak the TSA out thinking that I’m smuggling something illegal. I plan to draw things and also tape various paper keepsakes in it as well such as tickets and whatnot.

I’m not sure if I am going to be able to update this blog whilst in Japan, so I will probably wind up uploading my art goodies and whatnot when I get back.


Preparations for a holiday in 2015





I plan to go on an art holiday in Europe next summer. I am not sure which countries I will visit and not sure how I’m going to plan my itinerary.  One possibility is to visit as many famous art museums as I can so that I can actually see famous works of art in person. Another possibility is to bring my art supplies and draw and paint as many scenes as I can. 

Before that, I need to fill all of those art pads seen above. I need to get myself to a much better skill set so I can do those drawings and paintings justice.