Feltie funsies

I have been trying my hand at making felt ornaments and magnets. I’ve been having some problems with panic attacks and ruminating on stuff, so I needed to do something that didn’t involve faffing about on Facebook or other online stuff. Well, I’ll muck about on Pinterst because I found a lot of crafty things to do from there.

It’s been a while since I’ve done much sewing. I’m still a little rusty and I’m ironing out the kinks. Eventually I want to work my way back to quilting and garment making.

I made a Groot for my boyfriend out of burlap and felt:


I made a Rocket Racoon as well. It’s a little rough. I printed some patterns from Pinterst for him.


I made another Groot for my bestie.


I made a Tooka doll from this Star Wars Craft Book my boyfriend got me for my birthday.


Sewed a Yoda I did as well!


My boyfriend is obsessed with all things Tiki, so I made him a few Tiki ornaments.


I also made my mom some kitty cat magnets for her kitchen


I didn’t want to add another post, but I forgot to add something: